REUSIT on Inkjet and Toner Cartridges and Cell Phone Recycling

In Concord there are convenient ways one can help to keep used printer cartridges and cell phones out of landfills and incinerators. To throw them in the trash releases their plastics and metals into the earth and the air. A few can be remanufactured and used again, the rest removed of their toxic metals.
Concord's oldest recycling organization, REUSIT, has many established daily receiving sites; other non-profit organizations have placed collection boxes around town too, and they receive a modest return for their treasuries.  These items can also be saved for the semi-annual Drop-Off Day (Next one is May 8).
Please note the following offices and businesses where you can place inkjet and toner cartridges and cell phones every day in marked REUSIT boxes. Should you have laser/toner cartridges, please place them beside or behind the collection box:
Concord Main Public Library; Concord Waste and Recycling Division (143 Keyes Rd.); Concord Natural Resources Division (141 Keyes Rd.); Concord Town House; Harvey Wheeler Community Center; Emerson Umbrella; Hunt Gym; Crosby's Market; West Concord Pharmacy; Alpha Graphics, Newbury Court, and some schools--you will need to check.  Please call Judy Hill at (978) 318-0487 if you would like a collection box for your office or business.


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