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ConcordConserves.org is an online resource and community, for residents and businesses, to reduce their impact on the environment. Its mission is to provide information about conservation measures as well as educate residents and businesses about the increasing need for more sustainable lifestyles and environmental business practices.


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ConcordConserves.org would not exist without the generous support of the following organizations and individuals.

Harry Bartlett (founder) and Bartlett Interactive which donated the original website.

Pamela Hathaway [editing and research], Wes Palmer [video production and intern], Carolyn Wilkins [public relations], Missy Jakobsche [intern], Jenna Drouin [intern]

REUSIT: Barbara Wheeler, Stephan Bader, Betty King and Fred Serr


ConcordConserves.org is a non-profit orgnization funded by:

Dinah Buechner-Vischer

Concord Carlisle Community Chest

First Parish, Concord MA

Private donations

Bartlett Communications (in-kind services)

The Concord Municipal Light Plant


If you would like to make a contribution, please contact us at (978) 369-2472 or info@concordconserves.org.



Harry Bartlett (executive director)

Paul Dewey

Mike Jacobs (treasurer)

Sally O'Neil (clerk)



ConcordConserves.org 152 Commonwealth Ave Concord, MA 01742 USA 1 (978) 369-2472




The idea behind the Green Local Portals is to create a platform for ConcordConserves.org and provide a network of enviornmental information for other central and eastern Massachusetts towns. This website is provided as a model for other towns, to show how easy it is to create a Conserve website; for example Concord's neighboring towns Acton and Lincoln, could make websites called: ActonConserves and LincolnConserves. The opportunity would allow towns like Concord, Acton and Lincoln to create conversation, build networks, and provide enviornmental information that can be helpful to residents who want to live more sustainably. It would reduce the time and cost for Acton and Lincoln would need to launch their own website and help become a more efficent communications system. Features and content can also be customized based on each individual town's needs. 

Read more about Green Local Portals (PDF 1.6 MB). If you are interested in launching a Green Local Portal in yor town, contact us at info@concordconserves.org or call (978) 369-2472.


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Why Conserve?

"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


Act local, think global. Help support Concord Conserves.org and local environmental programs.

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