Spotlight On Weatherization

Peter Nobile and I found we had some things in common: coffee and a passion about weatherizing our homes. See below for suggestions on how to accomplish this in your home.

Peter Nobile Read More »

Hutchins Farm August 2010 Season Update

A little over halfway through the season and it finally rained. What a contrast to last year—we haven’t had a single vehicle stuck in the mud this season since April.In any case, we’ve made good use of our irrigation system this year (it sat idle most of last year) and have managed to keep the crops coming. Lettuce has been, and hopefully will continue to be, consistent and abundant. Other greens have been somewhat scarce but are beginning to come into their own as summer’s heat tempers a bit. Read More »

ConcordCAN Fall 2010 Update

ConcordCAN, a local chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network<> , is working with Concord Conserves, the Concord Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee, the Concord Municipal Light Plant, the Concord-Carlisle League of Women Voters, and many local environmental organizations to promote greenhouse gas reduction and sustainability in Concor Read More »

Spotlight on Solar Thermal Energy

I caught up with Allison Aley the other day to talk about a hot topic: Solar Thermal Energy. She had an addition put on her home in '08 which faced directly into the sun. She felt it was a perfect opportunity to add some panels and heat up her water. See below for more info on how she did this.

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Using Water Wisely from CPW

Using Water Wisely
A Guide to Water Efficiency in Concord, Massachusetts

Why Be Water-Efficient?

Water efficiency means using our water resources more wisely. It means adopting technology we already have so our homes, offices, industries and appliances use less water to do more and waste less.  It is common sense and easy to do. Read More »

Water Advisory Update - 8/12/10

Concord Public Works would like to thank all of our customers for conserving water resources by reducing outdoor water use during the past two months.  Your willingness to voluntarily regulate excessive use during this period of extreme heat and drought has made a difference.  Based on feedback received to date, we believe the following clarification and update may be helpful. Read More »

Conservation Trust Water Chestnut Volunteers

The Concord Land Conservation Trust is looking for volunteers to go out in kayaks and pull an invasive known as the Water Chestnut from the Sudbury River. To learn more about the project visit and if you'd like to volunteer please contact CLCT at 978.369.6526 or

Concordians Addressing the Peak (CAP)

You may be aware that 15% of residents’ electric bill is directly related to the amount of electricity Concord uses during one hour of the entire year, referred to as the peak demand hour. That one hour occurs during a hot weekday afternoon during the months of June – August, typically between 1PM – 4PM. If we reduce our electric use during the peak demand hour, the entire Town benefits with lower electric rates plus a cleaner environment as the least efficient electric generating plants operate during peaks. Read More »

Marshall Farms August Newsletter


The following is an important message from the Town The Concord Public Works Commission has declared a State of Water Supply Conservation.

Due to the prolonged period of hot and dry weather water use is reaching the limits of Concord’s water capacity. All customers have been asked to refrain from outdoor water use. This request for voluntary compliance has been declared to safeguard the limited capacity in an effort to ensure adequate supply for essential water use, including fire protection. Read More »

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