CMLP Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Rebates for Residents 2014

LED Light Bulbs

CMLP will credit your account up to $3 (or price of bulb if less than $3) when you buy an LED bulb. Residential customers may receive rebates for up to thirty bulbs.   

Download the form here

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Rebates

For solar PV installations, Concord Light offers rebates of $625 per kW of installed rated capacity, capped at $3,125.   Read More »

"What We Do": An Interview with Brenda Mahnken and Rob Greenberg

Brenda, Leah & Rob Greenberg

I met with neighbors and fellow Concordians, Brenda Mahnken, Leah and Rob Greenberg in their home, to talk about what kinds of things they do to conserve. They had some interesting things to say.

Please tell me why you are interested in conservation? Read More »

Art in Action: Line Dry Your Clothes

Did you know... Read More »

Bittersweet: Not the best decoration for Fall

Although it's pretty color attracts the eye at this time of the year, it's not a great idea to decorate with this vine. See here for why it should be left where it is.

"What I Do": An Interview with Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker

I used to be in computer software sales management. I am now interested in energy conservation. I am married, but am an empty nester, with my two girls grown up and living outside of our home.

Why I became interested in energy conservation Read More »

Spotlight on Conservation: Jill Appel

Jill AppelConcordian, Jill Appel and I met to talk about conservation and sustainability in our homes. Here are some of the things Jill has done: Read More »

Hutchins Farm Last Week of 2010 Update

With just over a week left in our 2010 season, we've had several mornings when the fields were touched with frost. Our routines have begun to change with the weather, as the growth of even the most cold-tolerant plants slows in response to the shorter days and cooler temperatures. Whereas during the summer the growth and yield potential of our crops seems almost limitless, October finds me eyeing our fields like a warehouse manager with a limited inventory and no chance to restock. Read More »

Do You Have A Football-Sized Hole in Your Living Room Wall?

Of course not. But, the average house has many small leaks, which altogether, can be equivalent to a large hole in your wall. Think about all the heat that would escape through a football-sized hole. Read More »

Smart Grid Progress Report - Oct. 2010

See here for the latest update and lots of information on "Smart Grid" which will take the load off the electrical grid during peak demands. 

Peter Nobile Bio

Peter’s interest in sustainability ranges from building design to energy policy to beekeeping.  As an architect, Peter was trained as a modernist but long work in New England has taught him the deep value of heritage.  Preserving older homes and saving energy is just common sense, he says – and it is a central tenet of our Yankee heritage.  “Our forbearers knew how to conserve – in many cases they simply had to – and we’ve just, by and large, forgotten how.”  Energy efficient design is his passion.  Peter’s philosophy can best be summed up by William Read More »

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"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

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