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The Concord350 website is a clearinghouse of ideas, photos, and news related to the creation of Concord-centric 350 events between now and October 24th.

What Does '350' Stand For?

"The Most Important Number in the World" – according to respected environmentalist and writer, Bill McKibben -- is 350, and it refers to the importance of bringing atmospheric carbon levels below 350 parts per million (ppm), the threshold identified by scientists as required for human survival and therefore required to avert a global warming catastrophe. Currently, atmospheric carbon levels are well above 350 ppm and rising, and it will take a global effort to reverse the trend. McKibben has started, a worldwide network of local actions designed to raise awareness of the issue and bring grassroots pressure to bear on the delegates to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, taking place this December in Copenhagen, Denmark.

McKibben spoke in late 2008 to a standing-room only crowd in Concord, outlining his position, and encouraging residents to get involved [CCTV video of McKibben's Concord speech:]. On February 6th, ConcordCAN and representatives of Musketaquid Arts and Environment led residents and community leaders in a brainstorming session, designed to accelerate the local dialog and actions around '350ppm'.

GETTING INVOLVED: Concord350 Initiatives

Below is a listing of '350' ideas generated at the February brainstorming session. If an initiative appeals to you, please contact the initiative leader (listed by each initiative, where applicable) to learn more. Additionally, 350 initiatives that were discussed yet unclaimed (by volunteers) are also listed for anyone who might find the idea worth pursuing. If this is you, email the CCAN team at to be connected with like-minded Concordians who also want to get involved.

No idea is too small or strange -- everyone is encouraged to participate and help make these events truly impactful.

Together, ConcordCAN!

Concord350 Initiatives Underway
~ Participants Always Welcome! ~

The concept is to create one or more events around the community depicting the number 350 or using plants.

In farm fields as sunflowers, corn or pumpkins, or mowing 350 during the seasonal field mowings, or removing loosestrife during bloom in the wetland. The group is also looking into a grant to plant 350 trees. Involve farmers, kids, garden clubs, etc.

Contact: Eric Broadbent at

Something visual to bring along Paul Revere's Ride

Contact: none to date

Walker, bikers, runners.

Contact: none to date

Bring people together at the Old North Bridge from area towns because given its historical importance. People would converge and spell out the number 350 on the hillside. Perhaps 350 shots fired.

Contact: none to date, however there are many others interested in moving this forward.

Working with the environmental groups in all the schools in Concord, have a contest for images that tell the importance of the number 350. Have strong presences on the web, including through YouTube.

Not sure of the nature of the "competition". Display of all contestants work could be displayed at key locations in Concord - the museums, the Town House, the schools, etc. Perhaps select certain works for display on our website and possibly the website.

Contact: Jill Appel at

Use the Boston Marathon to get visibility for the issue of 350 ppm CO2 emissions.

Be at the start of the race with tee shirts, armbands, and face paint. Notify media to get TV, radio and helicopter coverage and contact the climate action groups in ever town along the race route.

Contact: Norm Hanover at

Earth Day 350 will include creative visual images created for the parade.

Contact: Morwen Two Feather at

Concord350 Brainstorm Session

Concord, MA ~ 6 Feb 2009

Over 60 people gathered in Concord one cold winter night to brainstorm about 350, a most important number!

What makes a good 350 action?

• Features the number 350

• Creative visually, attracting media attention with pictures

• Do-able

• and FUN!

Around the room, these were some of the ideas generated.

350 snowmen protesting global warming

350 puppets in the Earth Day parade

Minutemen in the Patriots Day parade

350 people around Walden Pond

swimming in Walden Pond

performing water ballet

clear snow off ice in a HUGE 350

or line out in fall with pumpkins

on Fenway Park!

350 trees, crops, flowers, vegetable gardens planted

fields mown in a HUGE 350

removing loosestrife in bloom in the wetlands

350 people in a field

with kites (and strings!)

a kids poster campaign

with the schools on the web

350 people around the Old North Bridge

A new revolution: the Energy Revolution!

from the 351 towns in Massachusetts!

Arriving by trail and road, walking, running, bicycling

people carrying 350 signs or balloons

with others handing out flyers about 350

all these and more sprang from the crowd!

Rules of the Game

Any one can throw out an idea

All ideas are do-able!

Then we assembled in groups according to interests

Whoever comes are the right people

It’s the one’s who came that can make it happen

Whatever happens in the discussion is the right thing

If an idea isn’t working for you, move to another discussion

What happens is what we choose to get involved in

Ask Henry

Have a low impact living question? Want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Why Conserve?

"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


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