The following is an important message from the Town The Concord Public Works Commission has declared a State of Water Supply Conservation.

Due to the prolonged period of hot and dry weather water use is reaching the limits of Concord’s water capacity. All customers have been asked to refrain from outdoor water use. This request for voluntary compliance has been declared to safeguard the limited capacity in an effort to ensure adequate supply for essential water use, including fire protection. Read More »

Water Quality Update

Water Quality Update – August 4, 2010 4:15 PM

Due to increased seasonal water demands and  higher temperatures than normal for extended periods of time,  Chlorine disinfection levels have been increased in our distribution system.  In some areas of Town, this has the potential to result in a notable change in water taste and odor.   Read More »

Concord Public Works Declares a State of Water Supply Conservation Effort

See here for 8/4/10 Water Quality Update

See here for 7/12/10 update. Read More »

Spotlight on Community Gardens

I sat down with Kristin Baker Peck to ask her how things were going with her Community Garden this year. She's been at this for several years now (as have I), and we thought it was about time to compare notes!

Kristin Baker Peck Read More »

Concordians Addressing the Peak

Concord Light set up the Concordians Addressing the Peak (CAP) Google Group last summer for residents interested in reducing Concord’s summer electrical peak and the cost of electricity for all Town residents.
  Read More »

Hutchins Farm Opening, Spring 2010

A little heat...a little rain...and another season begins.  We've been selling garden plants (primarily vegetables and herbs) for some time now, and this week we began to set out fresh produce:  lettuce, arugula, spinach, cilantro, chard, green garlic--and as of today, strawberries.  After extensive flooding in April and some cool weather in May, our season is off to a strong start.   We'll officially open on Friday, June 4th,  and we're thrilled to have a new Farm Stand Manager--Lauren Wetherbee--with us this season  As always, our hours will be 11 Read More »

Classes Compete to See Who Can Reduce the Most

May 18, 2010, Concord, MA Read More »

Concord's Marshall Farms stays in the family

Early Monday afternoon, Richard Marshall bent down and, for what he figures was the millionth time, plucked a weed from the ground.

It’s been a farmer’s life for Richard, who started out picking berries for 5 cents a basket, then worked for 50 cents an hour, then partnered with a neighbor and then, in 1970, established Marshall Farms in West Concord with his late wife, Diane.

Watch the slideshow Read More »

Spotlight on Local Food

I sat down with Pamela Hathaway and Hilary Boynton the other night to discuss a favorite topic: local food.  Pamela and Hilary are not only Mom’s with children in elementary school who are concerned with what their kids eat, but they have also started a Nutrition Coalition at the schools so that more local foods will be served to students from local area farms.

Pamela Hathaway, Hilary Boynton Read More »

Updated Bottle Bill Has Support in Concord

In the local fight against plastic bottles piling up in the Pacific Ocean, Concord’s vote to ban the sale of drinking water in plastic bottles was the shot heard ‘round the world, but it wasn’t fired in a vacuum.

Jean Hill’s petitioner’s article, which seeks to ban an everyday item she calls superfluous and wasteful, made a splash. Others in Concord and Carlisle are making waves by backing an updated Bottle Bill that would add bottled water, juice, teas and sports drinks to the state’s existing redemption program. Read More »

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