From farm to table

You may have heard the acronym CSA before, but if you’re like many people,you may not be certain what it is. Over the past two decades, community supported agriculture has gained in popularity — and for good reason. Find out all about CSAs and how you can sign up for this way to buy local, fresh, heirloom, unusual and seasonal produce.

How to get CSA shares Read More »

Concord Public Works offers free irrigation system checks

Even though the region has had a fair amount of rain this summer, there is still a need to keep an eye on summertime water use. To help customers with irrigation systems use water more efficiently, Concord Public Works (CPW) is offering free irrigation system check-ups. Read More »

The wild life: As animal sightings grow, know when to report issues

It was late March when Tom and Jane Rupley of Westford Road first realized that they had visitors. 

“Rup (Tom) was out there and he came back in the house and he said, ‘Janey I think there’s a dog under the barn,’” said Jane Rupley.

The Rupleys spoke to an animal expert who told them that it was likely fox or coyote pups, and not a trapped dog. Their granddaughter, Morgan, was the first to spot the fox heading towards the barn, where the Rupleys house a pony named Easter. Read More »

Test the waters at this year's RiverFest

You can clap along to a rousing jazz band, or stand on the shores and enjoy the sounds of silence.

More than 1,500 participants will take in activities from quiet canoe paddles to poetry readings to concerts during the eighth annual RiverFest, with events in communities where the Concord, Assabet and Sudbury rivers flow. Read More »

Future plans for West Concord

Now that Article 38: West Concord Interim Planning Overlay District has passed at Town Meeting and hiring a consultant to complete a Master Plan for West Concord Village is nearing completion, the West Concord Task Force would like to inform those who are interested of the group’s next steps. Read More »

Funds helps restore park's land, garden

Minute Man National Historical Park will see significant restoration efforts start later this year, thanks to an early birthday present from the government and a little help from its friends at the Massachusetts Arborists Association. Read More »

Residents recycle at annual DropOff-SwapOff

The Concord Public Works campus on Keyes Road was overrun with recyclers Saturday.

One side of the building looked like an extra-large yard sale and the other seemed a desolation row of trash bins filled with scrap metal, construction materials and mattresses. On the lawn between the two grew a recycled sculpture with parts stolen away from each side. Read More »

Task force calls for master plan

Surveys, IPODs and master planning were topics covered at the West Concord Task Force’s public information forum Tuesday, the second such session the task force held at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center in the past few weeks. 

Chairman Dan Holin introduced the members of the task force, which was formed last year to review past plans and develop actionable recommendations about how to address issues facing West Concord. Read More »

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"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

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