Why is Concord’s Tap Water better than Bottled Water?

Concord’s tap water is subject to much more testing and regulation by the EPA, making it much safer for drinking and domestic use than bottled water. Also, using Concord’s tap water will help keep the environment litter free since there will be no wasted water bottles to dispose of.

Is Concord’s Tap Water really cheaper than Bottled Water?

Yes, Concord’s tap water is much cheaper than bottled water. Concord tap water costs .0007 cents a pint. Bottled water costs $1.00 a pint. For the price of a bottle of water, you can have 1,500 large glasses of Concord tap water.

How does Bottled Water harm the environment?

Bottled water is packaged using plastic bottles that are not biodegradable. This means that they do not decay and thus pollute the environment in the form of litter. Many bottles end up in the oceans, adding to a massive buildup of plastic waste that kills birds, fish, dolphins, and other animals.

How will the Concord Tap Water be made available to us?

Our well-regulated tap water is conveniently available in all homes, businesses and public buildings, at 11 public water fountains and at all restaurants. We plan to post a map at the Concord Visitor Center to direct our tourists to these convenient locations. We will place “Concord on Tap” decals in restaurant/store windows to highlight tap water access points. We are also working to increase the number of water fountains in town.

What is the major benefit of Concord Tap Water to our Community?

The benefits are many – lower waste disposal costs, less pollution of town land and waterways and more enjoyment of them by our citizens and visitors, increased sales of alternative products, reduced exposure to the harmful chemicals in bottled water and more cash in our pockets from the savings.

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"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


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