Hutchins Farm Winter Message

The sun climbs higher and stays longer, gets warmer and stronger each day, but it's a long slog before it really feels like Spring.  Our seed orders for the coming season are almost complete, and our crew is largely in place.  We are fortunate that the core of our crew, who have been instrumental in all our successes for the past two years, will be returning again this season, along with a number of new members.  We will also be joined by Taylor Bemis (John's son) and his girlfriend Andrea.

This being February, the only crops in the fields (apart from the apple orchard, of course) are:  garlic, planted in late October and ready for harvest (we trust) this coming July; strawberries, which should begin to flower in early May and ripen their fruit by early June; and three rows of parsnips, which will be unbelievably sweet and delicious when we dig them and set them out for sale in April.  I'll send out an update when they're ready.

The greenhouses are pretty empty as well--we've nursed along our 'mother plants' of rosemary, tarragon, sage, lavender, winter savory and lemon verbena to provide us with cuttings for the coming season, and the tens of thousands of onions and shallots I have sown over the last few weeks are up and growing, to be joined by an ever increasing variety of seedlings over the next few weeks and months.

As always, we'll be offering vegetable and herb plants of most of the varieties we grow on the farm for your home gardens--the hardier ones will be for sale (along with the parsnips), self-serve on the porch beginning in April.  Self-serve sales will continue through May, with increasing variety of garden plants as the weather warms, and the appearance of lettuce and a few other produce items by around mid-May.  Unfortunately, we will once again not have asparagus for sale this Spring.   

For the avid or aspiring gardeners among you, I can send our 2010 Plant Catalog for your perusal--it contains our complete offerings and cultural information for those of you who would like more information about, and/or reserve specific varieties.  Just respond to this message and I'll send the catalog as an attachment.

Despite the considerable challenges we faced last season, our industrious crew and faithful customers collaborated to make of it our most productive and successful season since I started at Hutchins in 2005.  We hope that you all continue to rely on us to provide you with the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables produced with a mindful, humble reverence for our customers, our crew and the fine Concord soil that underlies all our endeavors
Brian Cramer

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