Hutchins Farm Opening, Spring 2010

A little heat...a little rain...and another season begins.  We've been selling garden plants (primarily vegetables and herbs) for some time now, and this week we began to set out fresh produce:  lettuce, arugula, spinach, cilantro, chard, green garlic--and as of today, strawberries.  After extensive flooding in April and some cool weather in May, our season is off to a strong start.   We'll officially open on Friday, June 4th,  and we're thrilled to have a new Farm Stand Manager--Lauren Wetherbee--with us this season  As always, our hours will be 11-6, Tuesdays through Sundays and we'll be closed Monday.  Although one of our strawberry fields was twice flooded in the early spring, this may mean that, because of the delay in development this caused, we'll have strawberries for an extra week or two this year (assuming reasonable weather...)

Those of you who have developed a mania for garlic scapes can expect to see them this weekend, along with our first kale and basil of the season and some early baby squash.  Hopefully, strawberries will be strongly in evidence as well. 

Although the recent early heat may seem oppressive to some (as it does to our arugula, spinach, lettuce and peas), the good news is that the dreaded tomato blight that bedeviled us last year is held at bay by the heat, so, for the tomatoes' sake, I say bring it on.

We have changed our market schedule slightly this year, opting to attend Union Square Market in Somerville on Saturdays rather than Winchester which, though lovely, was a bit lonely.  Sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience this change may cause.

The long New England Winter has yet again come to an end, and now begins another summer, with the half-forgotten aromas and tantalizing flavors of the warm season reawakening our enthusiasm, optimism and delight.  Amidst the horrific reports from other parts of the country and the world, we need to reaffirm our joy in life through observing the daily ritual that keeps us alive and healthy--eating well. 

We're all excited to be opening and hope to see you all here again soon,

Brian Cramer

Hutchins Farm

54 Monument St.

Concord, MA 01742


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