Environmental Solutions

CommAve, LLC


Carlisle, MA
United States

Project planning and design/build services to homeowners in Carlisle and Concord who want to drastically reduce their GHG emissions and energy bills for heating, hot water and air-conditioning while increasing their comfort and indoor air quality.  Do your fair share and start today. It's much later than we think. Read More »

Ecowaters Projects


P.O. Box 1330
Concord, MA, 01742
United States

Ecowaters Projects develops, promotes and demonstrates better wastewater management systems and practices, with an emphasis on source-separation and utilization approaches.

Ecowaters offers great books on cottage toilets to whole-house composters with micro-flush toilets and graywater gardens. A wonderful place to learn how to maintain the environment using what you already produce.

Neptune's Harvest


P.O. Box 1183
Gloucester, MA, 01931
United States

Neptune’s Harvest is a division of Ocean Crest Seafoods Inc., which came about as an endeavor to fully utilize the fresh fish they process. In 1986, rather than dumping the inedible portions of fish back into the ocean, Neptune's Harvest, along with the state of Massachusetts and its local universities, developed an organic liquid fish fertilizer.

Neptune's Harvest fertilizers are not only better for the environment than chemical fertilizers, but their very production offers an environmentally friendly way of disposing of food waste. The very definition of sustainable.



United States

My name is Clare Nugent and I do vermicomposting (indoor composting with Red Wiggler worms) presentations to school and groups. My husband created a very simple website that explains a little more of what I do called - www.downtodirt.com.

I've been vermicomposting for 2 years and also sell the Red Wigglers and the bins to compost in. It has been a great experience and a very creative way to recycle your kitchen scraps. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

Mass. Climate Action Network


86 Milton St.
Arlington, MA, 02474
United States
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"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


Act local, think global. Help support Concord Conserves.org and local environmental programs.

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