Documentary Showing of Nicotine Bees

Nicotine Bees: documentary showing

Sunday, March 27 3pm

Why are our honeybee colonies disappearing? Nicotine Bees, a 50-minute documentary, makes a compelling case for linking the massive world-wide "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD) of the past 5 years with a new powerful class of pesticide neurotoxins called neonicitinoids. The movie starts with a brief introduction to bee life and the sensitivity of colony health to honeybee memory and neurological fitness. Interviews are then held with migratory beekeepers, and the ailment of CCD and its correlation with neonicitinoids are explained. Local beekeepers will be present to make an introduction and answer questions. The film will be shown on Sunday, March 27 in the Hollis Room at the Gleason Public Library. This filming is free, open to the public, and presented by the FRS Environmental Action Committee in cooperation with the Gleason Public Library. The FRS is a proud supporter of Sunday hours at the Gleason Public Library.

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