Concordians Addressing the Peak

Concord Light set up the Concordians Addressing the Peak (CAP) Google Group last summer for residents interested in reducing Concord’s summer electrical peak and the cost of electricity for all Town residents.
You may be aware that 15% of residents’ electric bill is directly related to the amount of electricity Concord uses during one hour of the entire year, referred to as the peak demand hour. That one hour occurs during a hot weekday afternoon during the months of June – August, typically between 1PM – 4PM. If we reduce our electric use during the peak demand hour, the entire Town benefits with lower electric rates plus a cleaner environment as the least efficient electric generating plants operate during peaks.
We set up this Google Group to email members when we think the peak demand hour might be near due to hot summer weather conditions. We ask members to defer using appliances such as washers and dryers until later in the day, shutting off pool pumps for a few hours, raising the setting on their air conditioning thermostat a few degrees, or anything else that would reduce electricity consumption and the Town's peak.
Joining the Google Group is easy; simply send an email to with the Subject and Body blank.  Google Groups will automatically send a reply requesting a verification of the request.  This has been set up as a one way email system so members can only receive emails from this site.
To notify other Concord residents, we will also post a notice to the Town of Concord website and put sidewalk signs throughout town. Here is the link to Concord Light’s CMLP-CAP Google Group:

If you have any questions, or need additional information about the program please contact:
Carole Hilton
Customer Service Administrator
Concord Municipal Light Plant
1175 Elm Street
P.O. Box 1029
Concord, MA 01742-1029
Tel (978) 318-3158
Fax (978)318-3105
See the CMLP-CAP Website at

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