Concord Public Works Declares a State of Water Supply Conservation Effort

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With the extended record high temperatures and lack of precipitation, Concord’s water system is experiencing extreme demands with supply essentially equaling demand at approximately 4 Million Gallons per Day.   

All customers have been asked to refrain from outdoor water use.  This request for voluntary compliance has been declared to safeguard the limited capacity in an effort to ensure adequate supply for essential water use, including fire protection.

As detailed in this years Town Meeting warrant article, operation of Nagog Pond presents certain challenges with regard to overall system reliability.  As of this morning, after considerable effort and coordination by CPW water system operators, Concord Public Works has successfully put the Nagog Pond water supply online at a rate of approximately 500,000 gallons per day.   

If current weather conditions persist and any mechanical/quality issues arise at Nagog or if other groundwater sources experience an upset, a mandatory water ban will be necessary. In addition to Nagog Pond, all town water sources are on line and both the Annursnac and Pine Hill reservoirs remain extremely low.

Reservoir levels have the potential to impact water pressure (in upland service areas of Town) and aesthetic water quality throughout.  CPW is monitoring the situation around the clock and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

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