Community Calculator

What is the Community Calculator?

The Community Calculator is a partial calculator to first measure the amount of carbon an individual is using by creating a basic footprint. This calculator may be used in classrooms, by residents and by businesses in town. Next, the calculator is designed to help individuals reduce their footprint. Finally, users may like to compete with other students, residents or businesses in their town. They may form groups and compete by trying to reduce their footprint more than their counterparts. Who can reduce the most?

What do we need funding for?

We have created a Beta version of the calculator for use, but need to finish it with the help of a Web Developer so that it may have all of the most useful and accurate functionality possible. Please help us today to complete this free online tool!

What is a Carbon Footprint?

A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions an individual produces in his or her daily life.

Why do I need to calculate my footprint? Is it really important?

Yes it is! Greenhouse gases are causing climate change and everyone can take steps to reduce their emissions.

How do I use the Carbon Calculator?

Dig out your utility bills for this last year and use for the Calculate section to record out how much energy you have been using; find out how many miles you have driven this year on your cars and record in the calculator; figure out how many long and short airplane trips you have taken and record; then press the 'Calculate' button. You will then be given the your personal output of carbon in kilograms for the year. Next, try and reduce your footprint!

How do I reduce my carbon footprint?

Go to the 'Reduce' tab and make some decisions to reduce your footprint such as by planting a tree, installing solar panels on your house or even eating vegetarian. You can greatly reduce not only your own footprint, but that of your household, and the town by spreading the word on how to use the calculator then making some reductions. Once you've decided on a reduction, press the save button under the reduction you have decide to take.

What next?

Compete with your fellow students, residents and businesses! Concord Conserves challenges you to return monthly to update you footprint, watch your emissions shrink, and see how the rest of the community is changing their life styles as well.

Let's strive to make Concord one of the most environmentally conscious towns, do your part, calculate your footprint, and make the life style changes to lower your carbon output!

All of the numbers in the calculations are direct from the EPA and Nature Conservancy, and have been researched and tested for accuracy but we're not finished yet! Please help us complete the Community Calculator today.

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Why Conserve?

"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


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