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CONCORD, MA – October 8, 2007 -- After last spring’s hugely successful Global Warming Symposium and Fair at CCHS, some of the planners of that event began to ask what could be done to build upon the amazing energy conveyed by Symposium participants. Over the summer, they worked to define and launch a new free-standing organization that will provide leadership for further community efforts to address climate change. That organization is Concord Climate Action (CCA).

CCA has defined its mission as:
-To promote sustainability in Concord through local initiatives that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions
-To advocate for environmentally positive policy and behavioral changes at the community and state levels, with an eye toward influencing national trends and decisions.
-To work in cooperation with local organizations, schools, churches and Town Departments to support a variety of community education programs.

All of CCA’s initiatives will be assessed for sustainability using three guidelines:
1. Is it environmentally sound?
2. Is it socially just?
3. Is it economically viable?

CCA is a new chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) ( CCA will work within this network, as well as through other venues, and may participate in statewide MCAN initiatives such as their current Low Carbon Diet initiative. Several members of CCA will be trained to engage and educate local residents, who will learn “step-by-step how to dramatically reduce their CO2 output in just a month’s time.” For more information on the Low Carbon Diet, visit

CCA will convey pertinent information to the Concord Conserves readership on an ongoing basis. For questions or additional information, contact Carolyn Wilkins [], or Mark Myles []."

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"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

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