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Appliance store recycling practices

Judy Hill

We plan to buy a new energy-saving refrigerator.  What do the various appliance stores, who take your old refrigerator away, do with those old refrigerators?  We want ours not to go into a landfill but be responsibly disposed of.  Can you recommend a certain retailer?

Concord resident

Roxanne Zak

I am looking for local dried blue hydrangeas for flower arrangements. Any ideas?

Cat Litter?


What is the best way to dispose of a dirty cat box? I clean my cat box every day and use the plastic bags from the grocery store to throw it away. I bring my canvas bags to the store so I don't have to use the plastic ones. But at the same time I need them for the cat box.

I now I am reusing but there has to be a better eco-friendly way.

Any suggestions?

Disposal of Household Cleaners?

Susan Walker

I am cleaning out someone else's house and I have found a large amount of all kinds of household cleaning products. How do I get rid of them safely? The Minuteman Hazardous Waste Facility web site says that they accept very few of the items. I have 3 bottles of ammonia for instance.

Purchasing power from renewable sources

Gilda Gussin

Can we buy our power in Concord from renewable sources?

Medical Waste

Judy Hill

What is the best way to dispose of leftover and outdated prescription drugs in our area?

Organic Pest Control

L. Sweeney

Does anyone know of a local provider of organic pest (ants) control?



My house needs to be winter-proofed and I don't want to do the work myself. Do you know of someone who does that kind of work?

Solar Roof Shingles


Do you have any information or experience with solar roof shingles, cost, installation, service issues, sale of current back to utility company, etc.


Natalie Bartlett

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being worst and 10 being best how harmful is it to use paper towels? Is it up there with using a dryer or other appliances?

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"Around the world, there has been a three-fold increase in extreme weather events over the past three decades."

From company, Munich Re via the Boston Globe


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